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School Awards

Students at Lidcombe Public School follow the rules of "Safety Learning & Respect" everyday.

Safe, respectful learners are described as "being GREEN". 

Students who are "green" participate in all relevant extra-curricular activities and progress through the school's positive rewards system. 

Our reward system starts with the:

Safety Learning Respect (SLR) award. Each time students receive 10 SLR awards they receive the following awards:

  • Bronze Award
  • Silver Award (presented by the assistant principals at stage assemblies)
  • Gold Award (presented at the K-6 assembly by the deputy principals and principal)
  • Platinum Award (presented at the K-6 assembly by the deputy principals and principal) 

Students receiving Platinum Awards are presented with a Platinum  badge to wear with their uniforms.  Being on Platinum Level also entitles the children to attend a Platinum party and one Platinum Excursion.

After earning their first Platinum awards, students can then earn their second (and even third) bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards. It is possible for students to attend two or even three Platinum level excursions.