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Release from face to face

Release from Face to Face teaching (RFF)

All class teachers are provided with release from face to face teaching (RFF) for professional learning, team meetings, planning and evaluation, contacting families, or administrative tasks that need to be completed during business hours.

The RFF Team is led by Mr C Windle (Deputy Principal):

  • Mrs Y Ng (5 days)
  • Miss R Choi (5 days)
  • Mr P Vu (5 days) 
  • Mrs M Bae (3 days - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
  • Ms I Boulad (2 days - Monday and Friday) 

The RFF team plan, teach, assess and report on syllabus outcomes, mostly in Creative Arts. 

RFF teachers work closely with classroom teachers and Community Language teachers to ensure that their planned units of work are linked to classroom teachers' teaching and learning programs. RFF teachers also provide executive release. 

For more information, please speak with the deputy principals.