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Community Language Classes

Community Language (CL) teachers use their respective  syllabuses to assess their students' learning in Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Turkish.

Research shows that students who develop sound language foundations in their first language will have a greater ability to develop English proficiency.

The students' Literacy program is integrated with the Creative Arts syllabus content taught by RFF and classroom teachers. 

Community Language classes are timetabled each week at the same time as RFF (Release from Face to Face).

The Community Language (CL) team is led by Mr C Windle (Deputy Principal):

  • Miss J Kim  (Korean – 5 days )
  • Ms Y Lee  (Korean – 2 days - Monday and Friday) 
  • Mr Z Gan (Chinese – 5 days) 
  • Ms J Ji (Chinese – 2 days - Monday and Friday)
  • Mrs A Tokyurek  (Turkish – 5 days) 
  • Ms J Zreika (Arabic – 4 days - not available on Tuesday) 

For further information about translation or Community Language, please speak with the deputy principals or the CL teachers.