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Lidcombe Public School P and C Association encourages the wearing of full school uniform to promote a sense of pride and school identity.

The uniform shop is operated by the school's P and C Association and is situated at the top of the school in Lidbury Hall (near John Street).  

The uniform shop is open on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons.

At present all orders are being processed through the school office.  Orders are filled on Wednesday each week and either returned to the child's class or picked up from the office.

Please use our order form and send it in with your child or drop it off at the office.

                                              Lidcombe Public School Uniform

Our school uniform consists of:

Girls Summer Uniform

Sky Blue Polo Shirt with school emblem

Royal Blue Culottes

or Royal Blue Dress

White Socks

Boys Summer Uniform

Sky Blue Polo Shirt with school emblem

Grey shorts

Grey socks

Girls Winter Uniform

Sky blue short or long sleeve polo shirt with school emblem

Navy Blue fleecy track pants

Navy Blue Jumper with school emblem

Navy Blue Jacket with school emblem

Boys Winter Uniform

Sky blue short or long sleve polo shirt with school emblem

Navy Blue fleecy track pants or

Grey long trousers

Navy Blue jumper with school emblem

Navy Blue jacket with school emblem

School Shoes

Black school shoes are to be worn. 

Runners may be worn on Friday for sport (Years 3-6). 

Shoes with elevated heels, thongs, canvass slip ons, open backs, slides etc are not acceptable.


Lidcombe Public School has a "No Hat - Play in the Shade" Policy.  All children are expected to wear the school hat.  There are three styles to choose from.

Legionnaires or Bucket Hats are available to Kindergarten - Year 6.  Stage 3 Caps are available only to children in Years 5 and 6. 


                  Legionnaires                         Bucket                        Stage 3 Cap            

Sports Uniform

The Lidcombe PS sports uniform  (includes sports shorts and house t-shirts) can be worn on weekly sports days for K-2, Fridays for Stages 2 and 3 and for all school (swimming, cross country and athletics) carnivals.

PSSA Sports Uniforms (where available) are loaned to team members after selection.

Singlets for school representatives at District level and up for sports and swimming carnivals are loaned to students at the time of the event.

Prices are listed on our Uniform Shop order form.

All school uniform items (except for shoes) are available for purchase from the Uniform Shop situated in Lidbury Hall (near John Street).





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