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Stage 1

Stage One (Year 1 and Year 2) 

Year 1 and 2 classes and teachers:

  • 1 Acacia (1A)                  Miss D Lee
  • 1 Eucalyptus  (1E)          Miss D Sage (Assistant Principal Stage 1) 
  • 1 Grevillea (1G)              Ms A Chant
  • 1 Kangaroo Paw (1K)    Miss S Ta
  • 1 Waratah (1W)             Miss J Quinnell
  • 1 Xanthorrhoea (1X)     Mrs A Jin
  • 2 Bottlebrush (2B)        Miss J Lee
  • 2 Casaurina (2C)        Mrs Y Kim / Mrs J Chau
  • 2 Firewheel (2F)            Mrs R Hendy
  • 2 Lilli Pilli (2L)               Miss J Xu
  • 2 Melaleuca (2M)          Miss K  Cai
Stage One is supported by:
  • EAL/D teacher: Mrs R Ranasinghe and Ms G Nam
  • Learning & Support (LaST)/ Reading Recovery: Mrs O Yilmaz

Student Assessment

Throughout the year students will be assessed continually, formally and informally. Student progress reports will be sent home at the end of Terms 2 and 4.  Parent–Teacher interviews are held at the end of Term 2.  Teachers are available to discuss student progress throughout the year. Please make an appointment at the school office.

Other Activities

Throughout the year the students may participate
 in a number of extra activities:

•    Premier's Reading Challenge/ Premier's Sporting Challenge
•    Green Events such as Disco (K-6), Movie Nights (K-6)
•    Cross Country Fun Run (K-6)
•    Athletics Carnival (K-6)

Please note:

•    If your child is absent, please send a written note on the day they return to school, explaining their absence.

•    If you know in advance that your child will be absent from school you need to complete an Application for Leave. Applications must be made in writing and given to the office before you leave, regardless of the number of days your child will be away.

•    If students are late to school or you wish to take them from school early, please see the office staff for a late note or an early leavers note.

•    All students are expected to wear school uniform each day, including a school hat. Lidcombe Public School has a ‘No hat, play in the shade' procedure.  

•  Uniforms, lunchboxes  and drink bottles need to be clearly marked with children's names so lost property can be returned.


Homework consists of practising and revising skills learnt in class. 

Student Equipment

Stage 1 students do not need to bring pencils, rulers or exercise books to school as this equipment will be provided.
It would be helpful if your child could have a spare, clean pair of underpants in their school bag at all times.

It would also be appreciated if each child could donate 2 boxes of tissues to the class and bring in a large old shirt that can be used to cover clothes when painting.